Monday, April 13, 2020

American Dream Essay Example

American Dream Essay Example American Dream Essay American Dream Essay American Dream BY millimeter The American Dream Looking at society today, the American Dream is a hoax; it is a belief that exists only in our imagination, trying to keep people on track and in the right direction. In past years, the American Dream was not only a belief but a promise to the American people. A promise that if you worked hard, went to school and got a degree, you were promised a good Job which in turn brought you wealth, a nice house, a full family, and all the clickÃ⠩ ideas of the perfect life. These days, these ideas will remain thoughts and dreams unless you take on a different course of action; or at least do ore in addition to attending school. You can no longer attend college, come out debt free, knowing you have a supportive Job to begin your life ahead. The majority of college students today graduate with anywhere from ask to kick in debt, and some arent able to pick up a good Job immediately. Not all are able to lower their monthly payments to only 20 or 40 dollars a month until its paid off. Others have to pay upward around 400 dollars a month Just for student loans, that doesnt include your house payment, car payment, and any other bills or expenses one faces after graduation. My goal in life is to be successful. In my head, success only comes in having what I want, and being debt free. Already I have ask in student loans because I attended Ohio State University my freshman year of school. I transferred to Columbus State because I have intentions on possibly going into education with my chemistry degree. Had I continued through Ohio State, I know for a fact there would be no possibility of me overcoming my debt in the early stages of my adult life. I refuse to look for an American dream. Its not possible anymore and it doesnt exist. People used to look at life and how they could be successful. Now, Americans are on the defense and look at life and how they are going to make a good living without incurring more debt than they can handle, and if really lucky, no debt at all. We are afraid. Afraid of what is happening in the United States, and afraid of our future. Theres no way to get ahead in anything if youre consistently on the defense. But unfortunately, our nation has made it nearly impossible to stay on the offensive side because its now too easy to fall at any moment, no matter where you are in life.

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